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Nearby attractions and Things to do

Giant's Playground attraction near Keetmanshoop
Quiver tree forest

Kitchen51 Cottages are located in the Karas Region, a land of rugged beauty and diverse landscapes. The Karas Region is named after the majestic Karas Mountain Range, which stretches across the southern border of Namibia and South Africa. Discover the rugged beauty and vast landscapes of Namibia's Karas region, a land of stark contrasts and breathtaking vistas.


Explore the quiver tree forests near Keetmanshoop, their alien silhouettes etched against the horizon, or venture to the Ai-Ais Hot Springs for a rejuvenating soak. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot desert-adapted species in the Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park, while history buffs will appreciate the German colonial architecture in Lüderitz. Remember, driving is an essential part of experiencing Southern Namibia's attractions – the vast distances between sights and the region's sparse population mean that self-driving allows you to fully immerse yourself in the expansive beauty of this remote corner of Africa.


As you journey through our magnificent landscapes, you'll discover that in Karas, the road trip itself is as much a part of the adventure as the destinations. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and see for yourself the wonders that await you in the Karas Region. You can spend a couple of days at Kitchen51 Cottages and explore the nearby attractions, such as:

The Kokerboom forest and Giant’s Playground (60km) near Keetmanshoop, where you can marvel at the unique quiver trees and the bizarre rock formations.

The Mesosaurus Fossil Site (85km), where you can learn about the ancient reptiles that once roamed the earth and see their preserved fossils.

The Naute Kristall Cellar and Distillery (90km), where you can taste the finest wines and spirits made from local grapes and dates.

The Brukaros Mountain (150km) near Berseba, where you can hike up the extinct volcano and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding plains.

The Fish River Canyon view point (200km), where you can witness the awe-inspiring sight of the second largest canyon in the world and the mighty Fish River that carved it.

The Hot Water Springs at Ai-Ais (225km), where you can relax and rejuvenate in the mineral-rich waters that flow from the depths of the earth.

The wild horses of Aus and the Garub Pan (250km), where you can observe the graceful and resilient animals that have adapted to the harsh desert environment.

Book your stay at Kitchen51 Cottages today and experience the best of the Karas Region. We look forward to hosting   you soon.

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